Why Compex?

CompEx Electrical Training Courses

CompEx is a recognised qualification for ATEX and IEC electrical installation and inspection. The curriculum consists of practical training and assessment in a realistic, safe working environment and is rapidly becoming a required worldwide qualification. Our hazardous area trainers have worked in hazardous areas over many years and are highly experienced and qualified to deliver training for explosive gases and vapours, intrinsically safe systems and combustible dusts.

We offer a range of  electrical training courses, from the 5 day CompEx and 2 day refresher course through to the courses such as the Ex12 Design Engineer and Ex 14 Responsible Persons course. All of our courses are delivered at our specialist purpose built facility in Swansea. Within the facility we provide lecture rooms and a practical workshop which is designed for selecting, installing and inspecting Ex equipment in hazardous areas.

All of our Electrical & Industrial training instructors and assessors are CompEx Certificate holders and have an excellent command of the International Standard IEC 60079 Parts 14 & 17.

Why CompEx Training at C&P Training Services Ltd

Dangerous substances are any substances used or present at work that could, if not properly controlled, cause harm to people as a result of a fire or explosion or corrosion of metal. They can be found in nearly all workplaces and include such things as solvents, paints, varnishes, flammable gases, such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG), dusts from machining and sanding operations, dusts from foodstuffs, pressurised gases and substances corrosive to metal.

CompEx stands for competence in explosive atmospheres. It is an internationally recognised Health and Safety qualification for people working in explosive and dusty environments. CompEx competency validation is most relevant and essential to those involved in the design, selection, installation, inspection and maintenance of gas and vapour equipment.

Over 62,000 Core Competence Certificates have been issued to delegates world-wide, making CompEx the world’s most widely recognised and accepted hazardous area competence qualification. C&P Training Services is a JTL accredited CompEx Training Centre. All our instructors are industry specialists with years of occupational and training experience.

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